In a smart house, a home network is
to automation what pipes are to
pluming. A strong, reliable network
is essential for proper operation.


At Smart Life we believe in using the right equipment for the job. Often times we suggest using commercial grade equipment for the following reasons:


The most vital aspect of any system is reliability. Especially if you use your home network to conduct business you want a fast, secure, and reliable network. That’s why we choose products that will be able to deliver the performance you expect.


By using a commercial grade solution we can ensure you have a strong wireless signal throughout your home. With consumer products we can design the signals to overlap, but devices won’t disconnect from the weaker access point and connect to the stronger access point until you’re out of the weakest WAN’s reach. Essentially making our overlapping design useless. This means areas of your home will have a weaker WiFi signal than you’d like. A commercial solution allows us to design a system that will automatically connect your device to the strongest access point ensuring you have the best WiFi signal possible.

In Lahore homes everybody has a WiFi network. With consumer networks these signals can interfere with each other negatively impacting your wireless connection.

By using commercial grade equipment we can monitor and regulate your bandwidth preferences. By doing this we can ensure you’ll have the connection speed you need to perform tasks for work while your kids stream HD movies.

Your internet connection affects more than your computer. The large majority of your equipment operates off of an internet connection, if that connection is down your system will be impaired.


Home networks contain a lot of personal data, you want to make sure that information is protected. Commercial solutions have increased security as well as features to help you avoid security breaches. With the guest network option, friends and employees can access your WiFi but are separate from the network you and your family use.


We believe in lasting relationships. Most technical support issues can be resolved remotely. By using commercial solutions we can access your network from our office so we won’t have to send a service technician to your home to disrupt your day.