Once you’ve experienced the joy of
listening to music seamlessly thought
your home , you’ll wonder how you ever
lived with out it.


Whether you are an audiophile with a trained ear or simply want to play background music while hosting, we’ll work with you to select the equipment that best fits your needs.

We work closely with audio enthusiasts, to select premiere equipment which produces that perfect sound.   We will also integrate analog sources such as turn tables, tube amps, and high end CD players with sources such as iTunes and streaming services with quality DACs.

For the more casual user we’ll design a system to produce the audio quality is best for your application. At Smart Life we want you to enjoy your music, so we make accessing your libraries and stations as easy as possible.


Whole house audio is a luxury that has become extremely popular because of its convenience and affordability. In an existing home or a new construction, Smart Life can design a system that enables each family member to listen to their favorite music in any or every room of your home. With whole house audio you can choose between multiple sources (AM, FM, XM, CD, MP3, iPod, Rhapsody, Pandora, internet radio, etc.) to play Sinatra in the living room, party hits by the pool, children’s music in the playroom, and jazz  in the dining room.

With the use of wireless technology, Smart Life can now install whole home audio without running any wires. We also offer in-ceiling/in-wall speakers, small aperture solutions, and invisible speakers for those who’d prefer not to see the equipment at all.

“I never realized how much I would enjoy listening to music in my bathroom. I actually look forward to getting up in the morning.”

— Sikander Rizvi, Karachi

Audio is more than just music. Surround sound in your media room or home theater is the way to go if you want to hear everything from those bombastic action scenes to those soft whispers in romances. Surround sound, specifically Dolby Atmos will change how you perceive the movie.

A white sound bar and in ceiling speakers provide 5.1 surround sound in this modern media room.