Protect your furniture and floors from excessive
UV rays, save on heating and cooling, increase
privacy and enhance your décor with motorizes
shades, drapes and blinds.

With motorize window treatments, controlling ambient light is fast and easy. Using home automation you can control multiple treatments with a single button, opening or closing all of the shades at once. With programming options you can choose to have the shades automatically raise and lower depending on day and time to heat maintain a comfortable room temperature throughout the year .

In addition to the obvious benefit of controlling ambient light, window treatments add style to a room. With thousands of colors, textures, and fabrics we have a treatment for almost every room. If you have your heart set on a specific fabric, we’ll work with the manufacturer to make a customized solution with your material.

Our designs can include multiple rollers or tracks allowing you to have more than one solution per window. For example, you may want to have an inner shear drape that allows light through and an outer blackout drape that completely blocks light.

While primarily used for windows, shades can be used to cover sky lights and drapes can be used to create a “behind the curtain” effect usually in home theaters.

Motorized window treatments can be controlled through keypads, mobile devices, home automation touch panels or remotes.