Achieving elegance has never been
so easy. Using dimmers and stylish
keypads, you can set the room to
your optimal lighting preference.

Lighting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create ambiance on any budget. Through the use of dimmers, you can add mood lighting while reducing your energy intake. Exterior lighting not only adds curb appeal, but can increase your family’s safety. With specialty lighting you can highlight features of your home and wow your guests. Through the use of smart devices and customizable keypads, you can control all your illumination needs with one system.

Achieving elegance has never been so easy. Using dimmers and stylish keypads, you can set the room to your optimal lighting preference. By using scene presets, you can tap a button and achieve your ideal illumination for entertaining, relaxing, reading, or romance.

Convenient options such as a master lighting off-button can be installed near your home’s exit to make leaving as easy as possible. When using occupancy/vacancy sensors you’ll never wonder if you left that light on. The discreet sensors will automatically turn the lights on or off as you enter and exit a room. Daylight sensors can be installed to detect the amount of ambient light present in a room. The sensors communicate with the system to dim or even turn off traditional lighting when it’s not needed. As the amount of sunlight decreases, the electric lighting will automatically increase, ensuring prime viewing conditions.


Exterior illumination adds instant curb appeal to your home. It lights your way, highlights your landscaping features, and adds a soft glow to your outdoor area. Pathway lighting not only brightens traditional walkways, it can be seamlessly integrated into decks, outdoor kitchens, and other gathering areas adding safe illumination without destroying evening ambiance. Colored LEDs by the pool and throughout the yard combine whimsy and elegance for the perfect entertainment illumination.

Colored LED lighting is being used to accent home features and set an expressive aurora. Recessed ceiling lighting which was traditionally featured in home theaters is becoming more popular in bedrooms and entertainment areas. Color has also found its way into the soft glow of landscape lighting. Pool, bathtubs, and spas are being illuminated by the hues, using chromotherapy to increase relaxation. Both white and colored LEDs are being used to showcase collections in specialty rooms such as wine cellars and designer closets where the heat of other traditional lighting would damage the items on display.

Other specialty lighting such as interactive panel lights can be used to create the illusion of the night sky, fireworks, and even the northern lights. With programmable settings, you can look up at night to the heavens of your choice.