A house that recognizes your habits and
adjusts accordingly used to be a
futuristic dream, but the future has

Today’s smart homes not only allow you to wirelessly control features such as thermostats,security, lighting, motorized window treatments, and audio visual systems, they also allow you to program how your home should adjust to your needs. With home automation, you can control your home from anywhere in the world.

Press a button and raise the shades.  Use your iPad to adjust the temperature in the room.  Reach for your universal remote to turn off the lights and turn on the television. And at the end of the night, tap the key pad next to your bed to shut everything off.

The large majority of electronic devices can be controlled through automation.  While there are many control options, the simplest form of control is still pressing a button.  That button could be a hard button on a remote, it could be a keypad on the wall, or an icon on your phone.

You can also use buttons to active programmed “scenes”.  This can be as simple as “entertainment lighting” which dims the lights in a particular room (or the whole home) to create ambiance.  If you want a more complex party scene, you may create one that dims lighting, plays specified music, sets the shades to their desired position, and starts up the electronic fireplace.

With the new Savant app, you can now create and adjust scenes with your mobile device.


With programming and sensors, your electronics can follow the preset behaviors you’ve specified. For example, you can program your shades to automatically rise and lower according to specified dates and times allowing you to warm your home in the winter and keep the heat out in the summer. If you have a weekend home, you may want to program the HVAC to turn on a few hours before you’re expected to arrive each week.

Senors can also detect your presence and environmental changes to automatically trigger various systems such as lighting, shades, security, and more. .


We offer various options for command, and will work closely with you to find which fits your needs best. Sometimes it’s a single a single option, other times it’s a combination of multiple options. It all depends on your needs and preferred behaviors.


Customizable keypads make it easy to match your décor. You can choose from a wide array of color and material options including metal and wood. Engraved buttons make identification easier than ever. Selecting your option in the dark is no longer an issue, with back-lit controls.


The remote is still a fan favorite, especially when it comes to media viewing. With a universal remote, multiple devices can be commanded with a single controller. A remote allows you to enjoy your high tech system in the traditional manner.


Touch panels are used to provide a wide range of control. From simplistic Wi-Fi thermostats to displays that allow you to adjust every aspect of your system, these touch screen devices are dedicated to system control.

In today’s world we’re rarely without our phones and tablets. We use our devices for communication, knowledge, entertainment, and now they can be used for control. While many electronics can be manipulated with a manufacturer’s app, we put all your devices into one location providing easy access and a uniform appearance. Not only does it keep you from having to learn a dozen different apps, but you can use the control application to create custom scenes that activate multiple systems.