With outdoor televisions & speakers,
landscape lighting, and poolside
Wi-Fi, relaxing outdoors has never
been so plush


Enjoying music in your back yard with marine, weather proof, and landscaping audio has never sounded or looked so good. Combined with distributed audio, these speciality speakers can access the same sources as other speakers in your home. We work with traditional landscape speakers as well as speakers camouflaged as rocks, planters, and other exterior decor.


Outdoor video can be done many different ways. Before choosing a solution for your design, we’ll explain the options, and get a comprehensive understanding of your exterior video viewing needs as that will greatly impact our recommended solutions.

The majority of television manufacturers make outdoor displays, a weatherproof super bright television that is designed to be seen in sunlight and withstand the elements. The use of lifts and cabinetry can also be used to help protect electronics.

If you prefer watching movies with your friends and family at night, a projector may be a better solution for you. You can choose to use an outdoor projector or store a projector in a safe location that can be accessed with the touch of a button. With an outdoor motorized screen, you can hide the viewing area when you aren’t using it.


HTE is excited to introduce our newest division, Hamptons Landscape Lighting (HLL), which focuses on outdoor lighting design and exterior illumination. HLL offers a wide variety of landscape, pathway, architectural, pool, dock, and specialty lighting. From beautiful classic fixtures to fiber optics, it’s easy to find the perfect solution for every project.


Using commercial grade equipment allows us to securely boost your wireless network with no user interruption. Just as your wireless devices will constantly seek and connect to the access point with the strongest signal in your home, the same will happen when on your property. No matter the size of your yard, with the proper WAN placement you’ll never have a weak signal.

While many people refuse to part with their cell phones, some prefer using their home phone system. Using rugged DECT phone, we can extend your phone system to function outdoors.


Our surveillance and access control options include exterior models. Outdoor cameras are designed elements and provide a clear crisp image in low lighting. Our comprehensive access control options from Invixium and  are designed to protect your from intruders by automatically locking the doors once indoors


Creating outdoor entertainment areas can be difficult with the constant change in the sun’s position. We offer motorized outdoor shades and canopies to help direct sunlight.