Now convenience and style can
help reduce your electric bill


With intuitive sensors, motorized shades, dimmable lighting, and energy monitoring, stunning décor has never saved you so much.


  • Occupancy/vacancy sensors
  • Daylight Sensors
  • Programmed lighting, shading, heating, and cooling customized to your needs
  • Turn off unused HVAC zones
  • Monitor and adjust energy consumption in real time

As you enter a room, your lights automatically turn on. If you forget to turn them off when you leave, not a problem, the occupancy sensors will take care of that for you. Daylight sensors will detect the amount of natural illumination in the room, dimming or increasing the electrical output according to the room’s ambient light to create the ideal viewing conditions in the most economical manner.

With solar adaptive shades, your window treatments to raise and lower according to the sun’s position, allowing increased light and heat in during the winter and keeping it out during the summer. This technology can also be used to protect against harsh sun that might ruin your furnishings. When combined with daylight sensors, your energy consumption is reduced even more.

Dimmable lights are the perfect way to create ambiance. Soft lighting at night not only adds elegance to a space, it reduces electrical output. Minimal daytime dimming reduces energy use by approximately 20% with reasonable glow at dinner, reducing your energy consumption to nearly 50% By using daytime and evening/entertainment presets, this cost effective solution keeps your ideal lighting at your fingertips.

Like the lighting and window treatments, we can program your heating and cooling needs, so the temperature of your environment is in sync with your schedule. We can also install HVAC units that can turn off zones that are not in use, reducing energy use.

By viewing your energy consumption in real time, you have the ability to control your home’s power. Not only can you see what is occurring, but you can make energy adjustments.